How much does it cost to rent Woolsey Hall?

Yale Affiliated Groups

  • Yale Departments and Groups that do not charge admission for their events (which include but are not limited to the Philharmonia, Yale Band, the Institute of Sacred Music, & Yale Glee Club) will only receive charges for actual incurred expenses.  We also require all users to complete a Reservation Form for each concert, including concerts already on the schedule.  This will enable us to have accurate charging instructions prior to events, and accounting transfers can be made in a timely fashion.
  • Yale Departments and Groups who charge admission and those internal Yale University departments sponsoring/hosting external events will have a $600 user fee to cover administrative costs plus all direct costs affiliated with their event charged to the PTAEO provided on the required Reservation Form.

Costs include, but are not limited to, Stage Manager; University police; custodial and all administrative costs as covered by the use fee for the standard four-hour rental of the Hall.  Users can share cost for joint programs.  Users will continue to be responsible for making those necessary arrangements with internal service providers (such as Media Services, use of piano and/or organ) for additional services needed for their events. Any needs for chorus/seated risers or stage extension request can be arranged through the Stage Manager Kito Covington, and additional fees will apply for these services. The rates schedule for the direct charges is as follows

Woolsey Hall FY12 ISP Rates Schedule
effective 7/1/2015

  M-F regular M-F overtime;
Sa-Su all
Woolsey Stage Manager $53.00 $79.50
Yale Police Services (4hr. min.)/Officer $92.00 $92.00
Custodial (2 custodians required) $52.00 $78.00
Physical Plant $90.00 $135.00

Non Affiliated Groups


Additional fees, which will be detailed in advance, may apply.